The Purpose of this Prophetic Platform

Where ever I travel to minister under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, people want to know when God began to use me in a Prophetic capacity. They also want to know how to develop the ability to hear God’s voice and speak His mind accurately.

The purpose of this platform is to connect God’s children around the world so that we can build a Prophetic Community that can stand in the gap in the nations around the globe so that we can bring God’s mind, will and purposes into the lives of individuals, communities, cities and nations. It is long overdue that a Prophetic voice is heard, speaking God’s Kairos Word accurately, timeously and in boldness. Although I knew I had a call on my life since the age of four, I only began to see glimpses of my redemptive purpose breaking through from time to time about 20 years ago, when I stepped into a full-time position in God’s Kingdom. My wife and I, Jacqueline started a small group at our home in Benoni during the middle of 1998, which soon developed into a full-time work.

In February 2001, we planted a Church in the same area, and then all the fun started! We both felt God had called us to initiate a work for Him in the City of Benoni in South Africa, as we strongly believe He has earmarked Benoni to play a major role in the coming years in the building of His kingdom on the earth. I personally come from a militant and law enforcement background and have been trained to see opposition as a challenge and not an obstacle. To me every assignment had to end in success as the opposite meant death, destruction and great loss, which affected more than just me. As a law enforcer, I always placed my own needs, safety and comfort second to the task at hand. Failure meant more than just giving up as a person, as each incomplete or unsuccessful task became a huge mountain that could destroy the safety of entire communities. I did not know it at the time, but during these years something was born inside me, something God knew would be of great use to Him and His Kingdom…

Today as His representative, I simply do not know when to give up, I know even less about running away, irrespective of the situation. I know how to listen for the slightest hint of a command above the noise of the battle. Once I have heard the command, I do not argue or discuss the merits of the command; I simply report for duty, step out and focus on the completion of the assignment. I was taught to take a good look at my written instructions until it burnt a permanent imprint into my mind, and then destroy all visible traces thereof, and from there to operate by memory only.

This year, 2018 we celebrated the completion of our 17th year as an established Ministry in Benoni, South Africa. I travel throughout the Nations and by the absolute grace of God, am so privileged to be used by Him, to bring accurate prophetic direction to individuals, churches, cities and nations. As the ultimate Planner, He used my training in my previous career, in combination to the last 20 years of intense preparation under the most difficult circumstances, to bring people within hearing distance from His Throne.

He uses my willingness to chase after my assigned task with no regard to myself, to break people out of spiritual prison and to usher them into new, fresh, anointed and God-ordained seasons. At first, after planting the Church on a piece of land where satan-worshipping took place for many years, we thought it will operate on the principal of an ordinary local church where people come to take up membership and be involved in the usual activities associated with local churches. We literally saw our membership grow overnight to a handsome 150 and then just as we thought we caught the vision, God stepped in! Right at the start, He told us to simply call our place of assembly “A Place of Worship”. Soon we began to feel Him prompting us to enter into lengthy worship sessions, which saw heavens, open above us and His glorious Presence descending upon us like a cloud. It was during these awesome times we began to hear God’s voice, experience His heart and mind in such a clear manner that those who came to our services to perform religious duties, physically ran from His Presence.

Our times of gathering were transformed into moments of open heavens during which God took total control of the entire meeting. As He drew us into such intimate sessions, we began to realize He was searching for a place where His purposes for the earth could be birthed. Along with this flood of His Presence came an equal strong wave of resistance from the enemy. People who joined us, thinking we would be just another church in the area, suddenly did not see themselves supporting us any longer. The more God prompted us to push on and into His Presence, the less support we experienced from those around us. In 2003, a very sudden and extremely fierce attack was launched against us by our local Government to close us down and to remove us from the area, causing even most of the local churches to turn against us in our City.

Most of our members turned their backs on us, leaving only a handful to support us in our quest to give God a place from where He can launch out, and touch the nations. As we pondered over our seemingly hopeless situation, the instruction came from heaven: “Stand firm, do not be moved by what you see or hear, for I have chosen you, your city, and that specific location to launch out from into the nations, in the coming season…” It was this simple, yet profound command that initialized a season of almost unbearable preparation for me, my wife and those faithful few who remained focused with us during the past 15 years. Fifteen years of being rejected by fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, being mocked, being criticized, laughed at, persecuted, abandoned, accused of rebellion and having to live day by day by nothing more than pure faith and zero physical sight! We could see how all our support disappeared as people left us on a daily basis, some saying their season with us was over, whilst others still need to contact us after all these years to be officially released!

I began to spent more and more time in God’s Presence as it was, apart from my marriage and family, the only place I felt welcome, loved and understood. In the natural, we were flooded with negative remarks by others for the fact we chose to follow something we had no proof of. The more we believed in what we knew we heard, the less it showed in our daily lives. As I spent more of my time in God’s Presence, I began to hear things so awesome, it gradually transformed my entire being. God showed me unspeakable things, and shared with me more of Himself than most people will discover of their own partners in a lifetime! Each time the outside world flooded me with enough pressure to crush my hope, I would go to God and ask Him to turn all of it into a mantle of anointing for future use to bring glory and honor to Him alone!

We would sit for hours as He turned my disappointments of the moment into future appointments to face all my opponents. He taught me to trust Him, no matter what and to hear Him irrespective of any outside influence. Today we know that during this process, God ultimately removed the drifters, those operating under the spirit of the orphan, and shaped the ones who stood by us, into true sons. As a local household, we build the heavenly model of father and sons. Those who come to us are drawn by that which flows forth from my mouth as spiritual father. They hear in my voice, and in my preaching and teaching the fulfillment of their own Godly dreams. In my voice they discover what has been in their hearts for many years and they commit to the process to be taken to full maturity in Christ so that they can become effective builders in His Kingdom.

During the middle of 2001, whilst everything was still running according to our schedule, we were miraculously and divinely connected to a group of zealous servants of the Most High God with their origin from South Korea. They come from all walks of life, backgrounds, denominations, nations and cities with One common goal – To bring the nations of the World into God’s Kingdom! Some have large congregations, whilst others walk for miles to bring the message of hope to one or two souls, living in the most remote places.

They do not have great names and probably will never have prominent ministries according to most people’s standards, but more faithful to the great commission of Jesus Christ, you will not likely find. These men and women are part of a network called World Evangelical Missions International, which was founded by the late Reverend Hyung Jung, a man I greatly loved, respected, and always considered it a great honor to have been connected to. We met him during his visit to South Africa in 2002, which led to me being invited to Seoul, South Korea in October 2002, for the very first time. It was during this visit that God used me to release a prophetic word over Reverend Jung, the network and the nations, which came into fulfillment during October 2010. During my second visit to South Korea in October 2003, I stayed at a place called “Prayer Mountain” for the duration of the annual World Evangelical Missions International (WEMI) conference.

WEMI is an organization whose main purpose is raising up Missionaries and sending them out to plant Christian Churches all over the World to carry out the message of Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. Since its inception many decades ago, thousands of Churches have been established all over the world. Each year, during October, representatives from around the Globe, gather for 2 weeks in Seoul to encourage one another, learn from each other, and to find fresh and new direction from the Holy Spirit for the coming year. It was during these two weeks in South Korea that God planted a seed so deep in my spirit that it could not be uprooted as He took me into a seven-year period of preparation. As God and I met for two hours each morning before sunrise on that mountain, He shared His heart with me, showed me His plans for the nations and then asked me if I will avail myself to Him without any reservations.

He allowed me to see glimpses of the nations, as His Spirit would touch them in seasons to come; He showed me the role of South Africa in the move He would initiate in the near future. I stood in awe as He unveiled His hidden plans, as He would shake the heavens and the earth to release a specially prepared and trained army of warriors into the earth to rescue the nations from their own destructive ways. I watched as He opened the heavens to reveal spectacular seasons, waiting to be poured out on the earth and I listened with tremendous fear and trembling to the sound of His whisper as it pierced my soul and penetrated my spirit to bend me to the point of no return. Hearing Him speak with so much surety of His plans for the earth, made me realize beyond any doubt I want to be a part of it, no matter what!

Today as I think back to that day in October 2003, when I committed myself to Him in a country on the other side of the world, I am very grateful He did not show me the training schedule He had put together for my preparation. Exactly seven years passed before I would again set foot in Korea to hear Him say: “I now release you as a Prophetic Voice to the nations…” This Platform is a direct result of that seven years of specific preparation by God. Although He previously used me for many years to accurately bring prophetic direction to individuals, churches, cities and nations, the specific mantle and mandate to break down strongholds over cities and nations and to usher in new seasons of his divine Presence, was only been released on me in October 2010, in Seoul, South Korea.

Since then I have been released into the Country of Russia where I do Prophetic schools, seminars, conferences and gatherings at least twice or three times per year. I started in 2012 with visiting one area and ministering at about 4 Churches. My reach has now increased to a radius of several thousands of kilometers which includes many Cities, Churches and Provinces within Russia.

Perhaps you are currently faced with impossible situations in your personal life and ministry. Maybe you received a call and mandate from the Lord which seems unreachable and you have lost your support. If this is the case, then contact me as I would like to pray with you, stand with you and hear God with you!

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