The Purpose of this Prophetic Platform

The Purpose of this Prophetic Platform

The Purpose of this Prophetic Platform

Where ever I travel to minister under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, people want to know when God began to use me in a Prophetic capacity. They also want to know how to develop the ability to hear God’s voice and speak His mind accurately.

The purpose of this platform is to connect God’s children around the world so that we can build a Prophetic Community that can stand in the gap in the nations around the globe so that we can bring God’s mind, will and purposes into the lives of individuals, communities, cities and nations. It is long overdue that a Prophetic voice is heard, speaking God’s Kairos Word accurately, timeously and in boldness. Although I knew I had a call on my life since the age of four, I only began to see glimpses of my redemptive purpose breaking through from time to time about 20 years ago, when I stepped into a full-time position in God’s Kingdom. My wife and I, Jacqueline started a small group at our home in Benoni during the middle of 1998, which soon developed into a full-time work.

In February 2001, we planted a Church in the same area, and then all the fun started! We both felt God had called us to initiate a work for Him in the City of Benoni in South Africa, as we strongly believe He has earmarked Benoni to play a major role in the coming years in the building of His kingdom on the earth. I personally come from a militant and law enforcement background and have been trained to see opposition as a challenge and not an obstacle. To me every assignment had to end in success as the opposite meant death, destruction and great loss, which affected more than just me. As a law enforcer, I always placed my own needs, safety and comfort second to the task at hand. Failure meant more than just giving up as a person, as each incomplete or unsuccessful task became a huge mountain that could destroy the safety of entire communities. I did not know it at the time, but during these years something was born inside me, something God knew would be of great use to Him and His Kingdom…

Today as His representative, I simply do not know when to give up, I know even less about running away, irrespective of the situation. I know how to listen for the slightest hint of a command above the noise of the battle. Once I have heard the command, I do not argue or discuss the merits of the command; I simply report for duty, step out and focus on the completion of the assignment. I was taught to take a good look at my written instructions until it burnt a permanent imprint into my mind, and then destroy all visible traces thereof, and from there to operate by memory only.

This year, 2018 we celebrated the completion of our 17th year as an established Ministry in Benoni, South Africa. I travel throughout the Nations and by the absolute grace of God, am so privileged to be used by Him, to bring accurate prophetic direction to individuals, churches, cities and nations. As the ultimate Planner, He used my training in my previous career, in combination to the last 20 years of intense preparation under the most difficult circumstances, to bring people within hearing distance from His Throne.

He uses my willingness to chase after my assigned task with no regard to myself, to break people out of spiritual prison and to usher them into new, fresh, anointed and God-ordained seasons. At first, after planting the Church on a piece of land where satan-worshipping took place for many years, we thought it will operate on the principal of an ordinary local church where people come to take up membership and be involved in the usual activities associated with local churches. We literally saw our membership grow overnight to a handsome 150 and then just as we thought we caught the vision, God stepped in! Right at the start, He told us to simply call our place of assembly “A Place of Worship”. Soon we began to feel Him prompting us to enter into lengthy worship sessions, which saw heavens, open above us and His glorious Presence descending upon us like a cloud. It was during these awesome times we began to hear God’s voice, experience His heart and mind in such a clear manner that those who came to our services to perform religious duties, physically ran from His Presence.

Our times of gathering were transformed into moments of open heavens during which God took total control of the entire meeting. As He drew us into such intimate sessions, we began to realize He was searching for a place where His purposes for the earth could be birthed. Along with this flood of His Presence came an equal strong wave of resistance from the enemy. People who joined us, thinking we would be just another church in the area, suddenly did not see themselves supporting us any longer. The more God prompted us to push on and into His Presence, the less support we experienced from those around us. In 2003, a very sudden and extremely fierce attack was launched against us by our local Government to close us down and to remove us from the area, causing even most of the local churches to turn against us in our City.

Most of our members turned their backs on us, leaving only a handful to support us in our quest to give God a place from where He can launch out, and touch the nations. As we pondered over our seemingly hopeless situation, the instruction came from heaven: “Stand firm, do not be moved by what you see or hear, for I have chosen you, your city, and that specific location to launch out from into the nations, in the coming season…” It was this simple, yet profound command that initialized a season of almost unbearable preparation for me, my wife and those faithful few who remained focused with us during the past 15 years. Fifteen years of being rejected by fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, being mocked, being criticized, laughed at, persecuted, abandoned, accused of rebellion and having to live day by day by nothing more than pure faith and zero physical sight! We could see how all our support disappeared as people left us on a daily basis, some saying their season with us was over, whilst others still need to contact us after all these years to be officially released!

I began to spent more and more time in God’s Presence as it was, apart from my marriage and family, the only place I felt welcome, loved and understood. In the natural, we were flooded with negative remarks by others for the fact we chose to follow something we had no proof of. The more we believed in what we knew we heard, the less it showed in our daily lives. As I spent more of my time in God’s Presence, I began to hear things so awesome, it gradually transformed my entire being. God showed me unspeakable things, and shared with me more of Himself than most people will discover of their own partners in a lifetime! Each time the outside world flooded me with enough pressure to crush my hope, I would go to God and ask Him to turn all of it into a mantle of anointing for future use to bring glory and honor to Him alone!

We would sit for hours as He turned my disappointments of the moment into future appointments to face all my opponents. He taught me to trust Him, no matter what and to hear Him irrespective of any outside influence. Today we know that during this process, God ultimately removed the drifters, those operating under the spirit of the orphan, and shaped the ones who stood by us, into true sons. As a local household, we build the heavenly model of father and sons. Those who come to us are drawn by that which flows forth from my mouth as spiritual father. They hear in my voice, and in my preaching and teaching the fulfillment of their own Godly dreams. In my voice they discover what has been in their hearts for many years and they commit to the process to be taken to full maturity in Christ so that they can become effective builders in His Kingdom.

During the middle of 2001, whilst everything was still running according to our schedule, we were miraculously and divinely connected to a group of zealous servants of the Most High God with their origin from South Korea. They come from all walks of life, backgrounds, denominations, nations and cities with One common goal – To bring the nations of the World into God’s Kingdom! Some have large congregations, whilst others walk for miles to bring the message of hope to one or two souls, living in the most remote places.

They do not have great names and probably will never have prominent ministries according to most people’s standards, but more faithful to the great commission of Jesus Christ, you will not likely find. These men and women are part of a network called World Evangelical Missions International, which was founded by the late Reverend Hyung Jung, a man I greatly loved, respected, and always considered it a great honor to have been connected to. We met him during his visit to South Africa in 2002, which led to me being invited to Seoul, South Korea in October 2002, for the very first time. It was during this visit that God used me to release a prophetic word over Reverend Jung, the network and the nations, which came into fulfillment during October 2010. During my second visit to South Korea in October 2003, I stayed at a place called “Prayer Mountain” for the duration of the annual World Evangelical Missions International (WEMI) conference.

WEMI is an organization whose main purpose is raising up Missionaries and sending them out to plant Christian Churches all over the World to carry out the message of Salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. Since its inception many decades ago, thousands of Churches have been established all over the world. Each year, during October, representatives from around the Globe, gather for 2 weeks in Seoul to encourage one another, learn from each other, and to find fresh and new direction from the Holy Spirit for the coming year. It was during these two weeks in South Korea that God planted a seed so deep in my spirit that it could not be uprooted as He took me into a seven-year period of preparation. As God and I met for two hours each morning before sunrise on that mountain, He shared His heart with me, showed me His plans for the nations and then asked me if I will avail myself to Him without any reservations.

He allowed me to see glimpses of the nations, as His Spirit would touch them in seasons to come; He showed me the role of South Africa in the move He would initiate in the near future. I stood in awe as He unveiled His hidden plans, as He would shake the heavens and the earth to release a specially prepared and trained army of warriors into the earth to rescue the nations from their own destructive ways. I watched as He opened the heavens to reveal spectacular seasons, waiting to be poured out on the earth and I listened with tremendous fear and trembling to the sound of His whisper as it pierced my soul and penetrated my spirit to bend me to the point of no return. Hearing Him speak with so much surety of His plans for the earth, made me realize beyond any doubt I want to be a part of it, no matter what!

Today as I think back to that day in October 2003, when I committed myself to Him in a country on the other side of the world, I am very grateful He did not show me the training schedule He had put together for my preparation. Exactly seven years passed before I would again set foot in Korea to hear Him say: “I now release you as a Prophetic Voice to the nations…” This Platform is a direct result of that seven years of specific preparation by God. Although He previously used me for many years to accurately bring prophetic direction to individuals, churches, cities and nations, the specific mantle and mandate to break down strongholds over cities and nations and to usher in new seasons of his divine Presence, was only been released on me in October 2010, in Seoul, South Korea.

Since then I have been released into the Country of Russia where I do Prophetic schools, seminars, conferences and gatherings at least twice or three times per year. I started in 2012 with visiting one area and ministering at about 4 Churches. My reach has now increased to a radius of several thousands of kilometers which includes many Cities, Churches and Provinces within Russia.

Perhaps you are currently faced with impossible situations in your personal life and ministry. Maybe you received a call and mandate from the Lord which seems unreachable and you have lost your support. If this is the case, then contact me as I would like to pray with you, stand with you and hear God with you!

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Prophetic Network Launch -15th September 2018

Prophetic Network Launch -15th September 2018

Luke 10:2-3 (NIV)

He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. 3 Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves.

Calling All Warriors

Joel 3:9-10

Proclaim this among the nations: Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up. 

Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears. Let the weak say, I am strong.”

Hear the call…

If you have been in heaven’s courts lately, you will be fully aware of the clear call that is ringing out over the Nations:

It is time for the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ to arise and take her rightful place over the well-being of the souls within these Nations.

The enemy has launched a full-on attack against the purity of the Word of God in our generation and has doubled his efforts in preventing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach the ends of the Earth.

All over the World, God’s children speak about the change of seasons in the heavenlies over the past 8 months as we all have experienced an onslaught against our health, well-being and relationships, to name but a few areas.

God’s Spirit is calling for us to take a firm stand against this flood that the enemy has released against us as He will raise the standard against every demonic power and principality that is standing in His way.

There is an urgency for God’s warriors and His soldiers to gather together and prepare for war. We need to discern as a team and work out our salvation within the midst of this raging battle. Through His Holy Spirit He will give us divine strategies and clothe us with His Spirit so that we can take authority over all the works of darkness and every evil scheme released against us, and those that are still in bondage.

The purpose of this online platform is to bring updates to those who would like to stand in the gap for what God wants to do through His Body here on earth, to pray together,  to regularly arrange meetings where we can learn from each other, allow the Holy Spirit to equip us and form Holy Spirit inspired alliances with each other.

We are currently setting up an online Learning platform to host a variety of courses you may enroll in. Some of the courses will be hosted on this platform while you will also be directed to other links which you may visit and check out.

Consider enrolling for our monthly newsletter and bookmark this site as we will continue to build the platform to offer you relevant articles, products and training materials.

On Saturday the15th of September 2018 we are planning to launch our Prophetic Platform and our Networking Program with a Prophetic Workshop from 10h00 – 16h00.

During October 2003 I spent time in separation with God on a mountain in South Korea when He told me to raise an army that will change the Nations. I will share more about this during our Prophetic Workshop on the 1st of September as I believe that the time to launch out as Prophetic vessels has arrived .

Our gathering will be at the War Room in Benoni South Africa. If you are interested in joining us for this event, kindly email me directly at

We are also planning to launch our official website for this network on that day. The network will be known as The Prophetic ConneXion Network and will offer covering, support and training to all who would like to be part of this group. We will also have regular meetings all over the World to encourage, train, equip and support God’s children.

I hope to see you all soon as we join this battle over the souls in our Nations.  We know the victory is ours because of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and the finished work of the cross!

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The Price of the Prophet

The Price of the Prophet


The Price of the Prophet

Compiled by: Willie du Toit

Lights, Camera, Action!
Great! So you want to be a prophet. Well done, just step into the cubicle, let us quickly put on your make-up, style your hair and when you are done this side, just follow the signs to the section marked “wardrobe”, there you can choose your mantle…

Just be careful when you step out into the lights, people go crazy when they see a prophet, they will want to get as close as possible to you, and after the meeting, be sure to prepare yourself to be flooded with accolades and awards for your awesome contribution to make tonight a memorable one! O, and please don’t forget to stick to the script, we have spent thousands on advertising, so those in attendance are expecting to hear about prosperity, as this is the theme of tonight. Speak positive, people don’t like to hear about sin and those unimportant things. They deal enough with issues during the week, tonight is their night, please don’t let us down!
Come on, hurry up guys, the place is packed! Wow, did we make the right choice to hire a prophet for this weekend! There is such a buzz in the air; there are even people in the audience we haven’t seen for ages! O, before I completely forget, remember to mention our great offer to those who will give a hundred dollars or more as a special gift tonight under this special anointing…

“Lights, Camera and action!”
Man to be a prophet is an awesome experience, so much attention, so many opportunities, so much hype! I am sure glad I have not chosen to be a Pastor or any one of the other ministry jobs!
You may laugh right now, but as an introduction, I wanted to really get your attention, as true prophets must cherish every opportunity they get to impart the truth, before they are withdrawn from the scene for lengthy periods, with hardly anyone wondering how they are doing and if they are in fact still alive! Every true prophet of God knows this, there is no glamour, there is no hype, at least not for them, there are surely no accolades, and rewards as some may think of, as rewards, as the price of a true prophet is not determined this side of life.
True prophets know, that when they leave the stage, and they have delivered the message, they return to being very lonely, almost to a place of feeling totally rejected, unwelcome to earth, and unsure of the validity of their existence.

When the assignment is done, to them it is more like, when the cameras are switched off, and the lights are turned down, and everybody is stunned over the word, that they know they have to adhere to the call of the Voice, back into the wilderness, at the brook of Cherith, where at least they know, they are on heaven’s payroll. Heaven will provide, heaven will bring what is necessary for their sustenance, as prophets walk outside the system of human support, the exist outside the boundaries of natural provision. When they enter a city to complete an assignment, people are already instructed to take care of them whilst they are there, but when they leave that
city, not many wonder where they go, how they survive and who takes care of them. It is during these seasons when they are hidden from public view, that bread is given to them from heaven, meat is provided from the unseen realm, and water granted from the rock. Sometimes, those living in the cities of human support forget about the price of a prophet, they forget of the long, lonely days and nights in the backside of the desert with only the ravens as carriers of much
needed provision, with surroundings threatening to squeeze the very life from your body.

Prophets are designed to live this way, not by choice though, but by design. They are crafted to
withstand intense surroundings, difficult seasons and impossible situations.

O, yes, many nights they weep for things to change, as they often watch the life within the cities of human support, from a distance, they move closer, unnoticed they move closer, to watch the warmth, the safety and the security of city life, with tears in their eyes. They sit just outside the circle of friendship, just outside the circle of fellowship, on the edge of membership, they sit and they watch how easy life can be. Their tears drip down their cheeks, flowing down the sides of
their faces and rain down on their burdened shoulders. For a moment, they dream of being part of the festivities of the city, for a split second they contemplate to throw down their mantle and run into the safety of the city. There was a time when they were one of them…

A time when they could sit at a table loaded with all the great things from the market, when they enjoyed the rewards of the system, but it all changed when that restless feeling began to become
evident in their hearts. At first, it was just a feeling, here now and just as suddenly it was gone.

Often they would stare into the dark, away from the fire, burning in the circle of festivity, staring into the distance as if something called them to a place beyond their reach. Over a period of time, the feeling came and lingered a bit longer, and the stares into the distance turned out to be more than just a stare into nowhere as visions replaced the dark, void face of the night. Visions of God, His Kingdom and His people.

The feeling in the heart turned into a cry from much
deeper within, than anything ever before. Eventually, that cry became a Call, so clear, so urgent, so intense, so strong, that no position, privilege, people, place or provision, could keep them
back. They simply knew they had to go. They had to obey, no matter the price, no matter the cost. At first, they gradually move towards the edge of the circle of comfort, not sure of what lies ahead. As they progress, the Voice of their calling, vaguely in the distance as they city of human support’s festivities still ringing in their ears. Something in the Voice, beckoning them to hurry up the process of their surrender, makes them pick up speed. At times they stop, look
over their shoulders, wondering if they have heard correctly, only to hear the Voice coming to them much clearly.

These are the men and women, called by God to be His Voice to the Nations. Their assignments are designed outside of time, and assigned to them inside of time. They are called from the safety and comfort of systems to operate without the support of any systems. They are sifted and then shifted, taken and then shaken, awoken and then broken, scolded and then molded, until they are fit for the Master’s use. What they looked like when they were called
hardly resembles anything into which they have been turned. Are you such a one, coming from the wilderness to deliver His word, knowing that when all is said and done, to the brook you will return?

Knowing that those you are assigned to go and touch, will soon after you have left, continue to enjoy the comfort of their surroundings, while you sit alone, waiting for the ravens to come, and waiting for the brook to yield its water for your thirsty lips. Sitting there under the lonely skies, ears tuned into the Voice of your call, waiting, waiting for Him to release you for another while…

You know you must wait, cannot release yourself and at times when the ravens stay away a little longer than you expect, and the brook runs low, you almost want to ask Him, isn’t it time again for me to go?
This is the lot and life of the true prophet, it has been like this for centuries before, and I believe this is the life He needs even now. Prophets are not easy to father, they are not easy contain,
they are not easy to understand. They are designed to cross the barriers of time, step over the limitations of man, reach into the future to touch the present and dig into the past to heal today for the release of tomorrow. There is no lights, no camera but boy, there sure is a great deal of action!

Are you one of them? Do you witness with the above? Then Take heart, you are not alone, nor are you the only one left as Elijah once felt. You are God’s chosen vessel to bring His people back from captivity and to lead them from slavery to freedom! Find others who have the same calling, join the ranks of those who know how to overcome the seasons in the Cave!

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God Needs You!

God Needs You!

When God wants to move into the earth, He starts with you…

Who will lead us, and where are we going?

Soon it will be time for elections again in South Africa, and millions of people will go to the polling stations to put their trust and future into the hands of a man or a woman, whom they believe, has the ability to change their circumstances and give them a better future. In a country such as South Africa, there is such a variety of political parties and candidates we can choose from, all painting some kind of a picture of improved conditions and upliftment, should they be voted into power. Normally these candidates increase their activities and visibility tremendously in the months and weeks ahead of the actual date set aside for the elections to take place, only to disappear for the next couple of years.  Have you ever thought of the significance of using an “X” or a cross to indicate your choice of candidate, on the ballot paper? Whenever an elected candidate is sworn in to his or her public office, the phrase “so help me God”, is introduced, meaning that the candidate acknowledges his or her dependency on the intervention of God to enable them to perform their public duties. All those who voted for the candidate, have done it by applying the mark of the cross next to the name of their choice.  Jesus Christ told His disciples and all of His future followers the following: “Then Jesus said to His disciples, if anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny   himself and take up his cross and follow Me.” (Matthew 16:24) I do not know if we have ever viewed the process of voting, in the light of actually laying down our lives to the visions, promises and ideologies of those, to whom we make the mark of the cross on the ballot paper!  In the process, we surrender ourselves, and place our future into the hands of those we elect and appoint.  Whatever they carry in their hearts, will become our future, as we have entrusted them to lead us, to the place where, what they painted to us as a picture, becomes a reality! Unfortunately, most of these visions, remain only such, it simply never materializes.  As Christians, we therefore have a tremendous responsibility when it comes to elections, as the cross you make, also becomes the pathway you will have to follow…Christ said so! You are literally “picking up” that cross you made on the ballot paper… In reading through the Word of God, and studying the history of past revivals, one thing stands out; God always selects a person or a group of people through which He intends to touch the earth and the current generation.  This is true throughout the Old Testament and even confirmed by Jesus Christ in the new, when He said:     “You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and ordained you that you should go and  bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain; that whatever you shall ask of the Father in My name, He may give it to you.” (John 15:16) At another occasion, He informed His followers of the fact that, although many are called, only few are eventually chosen, to show them the intensity and seriousness of being His representatives here on earth.  Only those who are completely surrendered and submitted to Him and His commission will move on to sharing in His glorious plan for humankind. Perhaps we should take this criteria to heart, and eliminate those candidates from our ballot papers who offered themselves to us to serve our needs previously, and proved to be doing quite the opposite! Do you believe that God wants to do something spectacular and extra ordinary for the earth, during your lifetime? Are you also convinced that we can and must play an important part in the destiny of our generation and those who will come after us? Also take note that most of those in politics do not follow God or any of His principles as laid out in His Word. If your answer is yes, then this article is for you!  Let us allow Him to give us a different perspective on why we have been placed on earth, at the specific location, and during this exact time of our existence.  See yourself as one of His candidates, placed on His ballot paper to be selected to serve in some kind of public office, representing Him and His Government on the earth.  Your election for the vision He has for the earth and the nations, also takes place by the mark of a cross. By adhering to the words of Jesus Christ, we deny our own plans, ambitions, desires and lifestyles, and pick up His plans, ambitions, desires and lifestyle.  In fact, everything about our per-existence, before we met Him at Calvary, completely disappears in Him as we die to self, and are resurrected in the newness, and image and likeness of Him!  Suddenly there appear, on the horizon, candidates that can do all things, through Christ Jesus.  Representatives who can truly change the destiny of cities and nations!  Their manifesto is concrete, trustworthy and immune against failure! Jesus did say, “The heaven and the earth shall pass away, but My Words shall not pass away” (Emphasis added). Through the writings of the Prophet Isaiah, God told us how potent and accurate His Word is:  “so shall My Word be which goes out of My mouth; it shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall certainly do what I sent it to do.”(Emphasis added) The Apostle Paul reminded the Church at Corinth in his second letter to them, of the reliability of God’s promises: “For all the promises of God in Him are yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God by us.” (Emphasis added) To the Churches at Galatia he gave the assurance that once you have received Christ as your Savior, and made Him Lord over all, “you have been crucified with Christ, and you live; yet no longer you, but Christ lives in you. And that life you now live in the flesh, you live by faith toward the Son of God, who loved you and gave Himself on your behalf.” (Para- phrased by the author) What does this all mean to us in the 21st century? It means that as a born-again believer, who surrendered their everything to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, we now stand in the earth as an accurate representation of Him.  Whatever we say and do has its origin in Christ, who was, is, and is to come.  He is the beginning and the end and in Him we live, and move and have our being.  Whatever we declare from this position, in Christ, will come to pass, and will have an everlasting effect on our surroundings to the benefit of those around us. Can you imagine having such Government representatives, taking care of our affairs! Just think for a moment what the earth will be like if this is was to be possible!   If the Apostle Paul was still around, I can already hear him say this to the church of Jesus Christ: “Therefore he says, “Awake, sleeping ones! And arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light.” (Ephesians 5:14) The Prophet Isaiah also uttered the very same invitation when he said:  “Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of Jehovah has risen on you.     For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples; but Jehovah shall rise on you, and His glory shall be seen on you.     And the nations shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawning.” (Isaiah 60:1 – 3) I believe God’s Word is very clear on the mandate we have as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, irrespective of the challenges we are faced with.  If we look at the meaning of the word, “follow” in the dictionary, one of the descriptions really stands out for me, “to come next after something else”. Does this mean that we are to be arriving on the scene in the same manner as the one who is leading our coming?  Definitely, yes!  Jesus confirmed this when He told His followers that they will do the same works, and even greater works than He, because He will be leaving the scene!  He will be with His Father in Heaven, and we will be left with an earth that desperately needs a touch from Him. Those who put their trust in Him will burst onto the scene, with the potential to change cities and nations!  Are you aware of the fact that you are on God’s election list?  Are you aware that He is behind your campaign?  Do you realize how enormous your mandate is?  Many are called in this generation, called to assignments so astronomically large, entire governments on the earth will be required in the natural, to achieve its goals. Once you come to Christ, you are placed on that list of elected ones, but only very, few make it to the position of being elected to operate in the true capacity of the Office of Christ, Ruler of the Nations!  For centuries, we have preached the gospel and have led many to salvation through the message of the cross, but I believe we are entering the most exciting time in the history of humankind, as He will begin to speed up the process of bringing everything under the Headship of His Son Jesus Christ. For this to come to pass, there has to be an increase of His power on earth, there has to be an outbreak of signs and wonders and there has to be a visible, tangible manifestation of His glory in His temple, His Body, the Church. It always starts on any given day, at the backside of the desert… The plan and its initiator So many of us are under the impression that when God wants to do something to change conditions on the earth, He needs to call a meeting, spend days, weeks or even months to come up with a suitable solution.  Not so, for the Word gives us the assurance that God established His method of salvation even before the earth’s foundations were laid! This means that God has already worked out the terms and conditions of the plan, and when the time arrives for its implementation, He just needs to bring the plan and the instruments of His choice, together in partnership! God has no new schemes or plans that He needs to dream up as the world becomes more evil.  The fact that the state of humanity deteriorates as time goes by, also has no effect on God’s plans, as He already determined our value long before we were created!  This is why we are all equal in His sight, irrespective of the existence of sin in our lives.  He loves or hates a liar equally as much as a murderer, to them they are both of similar value to Him and therefore the price of redemption remains the same in both cases, the shedding of the blood of His one and only Son! You can now understand why Christianity is the only “religion” in which man have no right to alter God’s original conditions for salvation! Not only did God establish the required plan to influence the earth and its inhabitants, in His wisdom and pre-knowledge, He even determined pre-appointed times for us to be born as each one of us are perfectly suited for the time and surroundings into which we are born.  Look at the following scripture, as it sheds more light on this:  “And He has made all nations of men of one blood to dwell on all the face of the   earth, ordaining fore-appointed seasons and boundaries of their dwelling,      to seek the Lord, if perhaps they might feel after Him and find Him, though indeed He is not far from each one of us.      For in Him we live and move and have our being, as also certain of your own poets have said, For we are also His offspring.” (Acts 17:26 – 28) First of all, it says we all originate from one blood, and out of this comes all the nations of the world.  This immediately brings us on level ground, irrespective of what we may look like!  Then we are instructed to dwell on “all the face of the earth”, which reverts back to the Book of Genesis and the mandate God gave Adam and Eve.  We are clearly told that God has determined where these nations will dwell and during which seasons, and notice what I believe is a very important key in this passage of scripture:    “to seek the Lord, if perhaps they might feel after Him and find Him, though indeed He is not far from each one of us.” God, in His wisdom, strategically placed each one of us somewhere on the globe, so that we can become the light of the area, lighting the way to Him, for those who are still in darkness!  What an awesome privilege but also responsibility He has placed upon us!  Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 5:14:  “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” We need to understand our role as Born-again believers!  We become the illuminated, directional signboards in a desert place, leading the lost to the water of Life.  We are the ambassadors of Christ in a world of hostility.  The more we accept our high calling, and allow His Spirit to transform us, the brighter we will shine, until we are no longer just a small signboard, but the light we will radiate, will be equivalent to a strong city on a hill! This will increase the chances of the lost in our area, to also discover the joy of everlasting life through Jesus Christ.  As a young Christian, I used to pray that God must move me out of my unpleasant, difficult surroundings and circumstances to a better, much more suitable place, until He showed me my true worth!  I began to realize that He created me with the ability to change my surroundings in such a way that I become a testimony to those who are stuck in a similar place.  What is the purpose if God continuously move us to places where we are free from all the pressure, but the place where I come from, remains untouched? I began to understand that God placed each one of us very specifically on the earth, for Him to use us to bring every inch of it, under the ruler-ship of His Son.  That is exactly what He told the Prophet Habakkuk to pen down: “For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of Jehovah, as the waters cover the sea.” (Habakkuk 2:14) This is our mandate, allowing God to use us as His vessels to gradually reshape the entire earth.  Since I discovered this, I allow God to shape me, through my circumstances, until I become victorious and then I allow Him to use me to reach others around me! Let us briefly look at how God applied the above, in the life of Moses.  We read in Exodus chapter two and verse 24, that God remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, when the Israelites began to groan about their circumstances.  You see, God already told Abraham 400 years earlier what would happen to Israel, that they would be slaves in Egypt, and that He would deliver them at His appointed time.  With Moses being born, the appointed time was nearing its fulfillment. God already made provision for the deliverance of His people, long before they were born! Therefore, did God also make provision for our salvation, before the foundation of the earth, as we read in the scriptures that the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the earth! One thing we need to understand very clearly is that the plan is already in place, every detail of it, worked out to perfection.  All the resources needed for it to succeed have been allocated, and are waiting to be released. The plan has an appointed time to be implemented on the earth, known as Kairos time. Are you the one He will choose to ignite His next move in the earth? Am I perhaps the exact answer for the problems of my generation?  Do I have the right qualities to be used by Him for a time such as this? You had better believe that you are all of the above and even more!  The Word of God says we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus: “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to good works, which God has before ordained that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10 The Greek term for “workmanship” is “poi-ema”, and it means to be a distinctive product or made from a specific fabric or material.  The word “poem” is also derived from this, indicating that our entire existence was written in and through Christ long before the earth was founded.  We are the manifestation of the written songs of beauty, love and power on the earth!  Our successes, conquests, victories and accomplishments have already been penned down with divine precision and as we continue to walk in submission and obedience to Him, His Spirit directs us along these awesome paths of abundant life!  In His wisdom, He already determined the destiny of individuals, cities and nations, and all we need to do, is covenant with Him and see how He works out the salvation of everything we touch.   Our function is to be accurately positioned in Him so that we can step out in tune with the sound of heaven.  We march along the pathway of life, submerged in His glory, clothed in His righteousness, and carried on the wings of unstoppable faith.  The assignment has been tried and tested centuries ago, and perfected by Christ, all He expects from us, is to grow into it, grasp it, take it up, and become the vessel of transportation. You are that vessel…. A bold, but true statement… Since a very young age, I found it very difficult to submit my life under authority.  At first, I did not understand this, and thought of myself as perhaps a bit rebellious.  As I grew older, I began to understand why this was the case. I realized that I had an enormous hunger and passion for righteousness.  I had a desire to see justice being done under all conditions and at any cost. This caused me to look at other people, especially those older than me, through very critical eyes, as I wanted to inspect their lives to see how much righteousness they have to offer me.  I wanted to be sure they will lead me closer to my destiny and not further astray. Today, as an adult I am even more determined to not follow the wrong pathway. When I entered full-time Ministry some 20 years ago, many older Pastors wanted to bring me under their “covering”. As I pondered over their “invitation” I surveyed their lives, marriages and ministries. Each time I came to the shocking conclusion that they are not at the place I am on my way to. Since then I have made one rule for myself: If I am going to follow someone, they better take me further and deeper into God’s presence, purposes and plans than what I could ever imagine! I have not yet found such a person so I continue to follow the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! Imperfect people required for perfect assignments! Each time I study the Word of God, it completely amazes me to discover God’s method in dealing with people, situations and seasons.  Whatever we consider a suitable way to handle something or deal with someone turns out to be quite the opposite to the way God would take care of it!  No wonder the prophet Isaiah was inspired by the Spirit of the Lord to write: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55: 8 – 9) Throughout humankind’s existence God’s way in dealing with the earth always caused man to reconsider his understanding of who God really is and how Supremely Superior He is in comparison to anything and everything else. Strangely enough, God would forever work His way into the lives of those who tried running their affairs their way and messing up so badly, that their resume reads like something out of a book entitled: “Next time you fall, please stay down”.  Alternatively, even worse:  “Why losers hang out with you – you make them look successful”   You must realize one very important thing, the earth is pretty messed up as it is, and there are probably not many perfect people around any more.  I would say that the last perfect person I can recall knowing was someone I met when I was a very little boy.  The strange thing is, the older I got, the less perfect they became.  The more wisdom I obtained, the fewer encounters I had with perfect people!  Even those who used to be perfect when I was very small gradually became more and more flawed as I watched them with my newfound knowledge and understanding of life and its demands to stay on the right track.  As I grew older, I realized that there are no perfect people, as my perspective of right and wrong began to develop. And this includes me!  At the age of 5, when I went to school for the very first time, not even my first teacher could pass the test of “being perfect”, causing my parents endless sleepless nights as they tried to convince me that I needed to go to school, irrespective of my point of view of the competency of the teacher.  Something suddenly stirred inside me, not wanting me to be subject to someone whom I felt was not suitable to mentor me!  My entire being rose up against the thought that I had to submit myself to another human being who will most probably contaminate me with her flaws, mistakes and failures!  Each time my parents dropped me off at school, I found a splendid way to free myself from the grasp of the teacher and like a thoroughbred racehorse and the instinct of a racing pigeon, worked my way swiftly back home!  Not only was the exercise good for my health but it also taught me to become an excellent negotiator.  First thing in the morning, the negotiations would start between the two parties, me on the one side, debating the reasons why I should skip school and enter straight into a career, while my precious, patient parents on the other side, would rally for a good education in a public school! After our morning “negotiations exercise”, in which not much I came up with, or scored any points, the second phase would begin: “the drive to school while I exercised my vocal cords”.  This phase also did not work in my favor, so I would then always opt for the third phase, “Exercising my legs back home”, as I would, as soon as the opportunity arose, excuse myself for the rest of the day from the program, and ran home as fast as I could!  I cannot remember how long this continued, but gradually I was forced by the systems of this world, to allow myself to be subdued to second best.  Note I do not say submit, but subdue, as submission is a voluntary act we do willingly.  I realized I had to go through the systems of life to get to the opportunities of life.  Throughout these years, I continuously searched for the highest form of truth, righteousness, and justice to bring my life under its covering… As I grew in wisdom, I also began to understand that we are all imperfect, looking for the perfect place and opportunity to make a permanent contribution towards life on earth.  I learned to walk alongside those, appointed to equip me, I learned to respect them for their sincerity in what they endeavored to achieve in me.  Today I am grateful for them; I salute them and pray that I can sow something of value back into their lives.  I understand they were placed on my path as stepping stones for me to reach higher and higher in search of truth and through this I have come to the conclusion that even I am nothing but a stepping stone for others to reach higher than I will ever be able to, in this life.   Now for an even bolder statement… There is this deep conviction in my heart, to free people from the oppression of mentors and leaders who are selfish and gather for themselves followers to feed off them.  I am constantly looking at those in leadership to see how much of God are displayed in and through them, their actions and their lives.  Do I hear God speak through them when they speak, or do I hear their own alter ego being echoed from the emptiness of their inner chambers? Having said that, it also made me painfully aware of my own lifestyle and responsibility towards those I have to lead and impart value to. I want to put this in clear writing, for all to read and perhaps adopt it as your own motto in your journey into your God given future: “I am no longer to follow anyone in whom I do not recognize the risen Christ.  I am no longer allowing those who do not speak on behalf of God, to direct my footsteps and guide my future.  If a leader wants my support, he must put all he has of God, in him, on display so that I can make a proper decision.  A leader is someone who has a better plan for my future, he has a clearer vision of my destiny, he has more authority than me in the spirit realm, he shows true signs of a servant and is prepared to give up his own life, ambitions, dreams and visions to get me to where I have been called to by God.  He does not expect the best seat in the house as my respect for him has already reserved such a place. I want to follow someone with greater love for Christ than I have; I want to follow someone with more of Christ in him, than I have, as this will lead me closer to Him than ever before… If I want to be such a leader, the above and even more must be my goal in life.  I must be willing to die to self so that Christ can increase in me.  I can only be such a leader if I have more of Christ in me to offer those who are still looking, searching, yearning… Each time I am expected to cast my vote, I automatically search for more of Christ in those who stand to become our leaders of tomorrow.  Perhaps I am the only one doing so, and perhaps my expectancy is too high, but believe me, since I have submitted myself to the King of Kings and the Lord of all lords, I find it impossible to be led by anything less… Come on children of God, let us submit to Him, draw near to Him and be led by a Leader worthy of all our honor, praise and adoration. As we do this, He will bring us to positions of true leadership who will lead this and the coming generations away from man-made oppressive, empty, selfish leadership styles.  We will soon discover that we do not need those in political positions, as He will be the only One leading us on and on…” But until then, let us choose our leaders prayerfully, wisely and under the unction of the Holy Spirit. Conclusion My dear brother, sister, I know God wants to move into the earth and change the destinies of nations, are you the one He will come to? Am I the one He will take note of when His eyes starts to search for a vessel?  You may think you do not possess the right qualities, but thankfully, He knows best, as he made us, then released us into the earth for a time such as this! Hear Him now through this short article, and do something so simple, yet so profound and with so much potential by praying this very short prayer: “Here I am Lord Jesus, imperfect in myself, but perfect in Christ.  Here I am, ready to be set free from all ungodly alignments, submissions and unholy alliances.  I thank you for Your blood, which now sets me free from all ignorant and wrong choices I made! I submit to You and whomever You choose to be my mentor and guide. I submit to You to shape me until I have more of You in me to offer to those who still need to discover You as the one and only true God. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen” Article written with Love – Your brother in Christ,   Willie du Toit IF YOU FOUND VALUE IN THIS ARTICLE, KINDLY SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.

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