Prophetic Grace

By Willie Du Toit

The Prophetic ConneXion

Please Note that the Name ConneXion is deliberately written with an X to remind us that every Prophetic word must bring us back to our place of redemption – The Cross of Jesus Christ. The purpose of the Prophetic is simply to guide us to Jesus and to reveal Him to us in our midst, in our lives and in our destinies. If any Prophecy points us away from a deeper, more intimate and more committed walk with God through Christ, reject it without hesitation.

Let us sing praises to our King Jesus!

“for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

Revelation 19:10

Through this Prophetic ConneXion we will discover that we were specifically and uniquely designed by the greatest Designer of all time.

Our time of birth was carefully planned by the One who holds times and seasons in the palm of His hand and who ultimately knows when to send something to the earth during a time when it is much needed!

He knows how to clothe and disguise it in human form! He knows where it is needed most and in His wisdom places, it in the midst of the field He wants to touch.

He then empowers it, supports it, sustains it and releases it as the best He has to offer to a world in desperate need of salvation.

We are God’s best He has to offer this world. You and I are God’s hope to reach and change individuals, communities, cities and nations.

In Christ, we have the right construction to be a success, in fact, God says: “You are worthy of success…”

Always keep in mind:

You are called to a specific Place
You are called to a certain People
You are called to a definite Purpose

Together through this journey, we will uncover who we are through the eyes of God and understand

Who we really are – the truth

What our specific assignment is – tailor-made for you by God

My field of operation – guaranteed a 100% return, guaranteed a 100% success rate

How to sow myself into that field – breaking out with confidence

The Purpose of this Prophetic Platform

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God Needs You!

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